Longitude: W05°36'28"
Latitude: N30°14'10"
Altitude: 680m

Telescope remote hosting

Remote Telescope Hosting

Astronomers on SaharaSky: Joggy, Fritz and Patrick (left to right)

Astronomers on SaharaSky:
Joggy, Fritz and Patrick
(left to right)

Patrick Innocent, astronomer on SaharaSky

Patrick Innocent
Astronomer on SaharaSky



Observatory Equipment

(as of 2017)


Model Optics Features
Meade LX200R Aperture: 16"/406mm
Focal length: 4064mm
Focal ratio: f/10
German Mount GM2000 (Baader Planetarium) with Lumicon Giant Off-axis and big reducer lense (for observation and photography).
Meade LX850 ACF Aperture: 14"/356mm
Focal length: 2845mm
Focal ratio: f/8
with 130mm APO f/7 with Starlock, GPS - AutoStar II handbox with 144.000 object library, fully integrated Starlock, auto-guider and assisted alignment.
Meade RCX400 GPS Aperture: 14"/356mm
Focal length: 3560mm
Focal ratio: f/10
ideal for observation
Takahashi FSQ-106ED Aperture: 106mm
Focal length: 530mm
Focal ratio: f/5
Astrograph, image circle 88mm, photographic field 9.5°
Meade Dobson Lightbridge Aperture: 16"/406mm
Focal ratio: f/4.5
Focal length:1829mm
with angle viewfinder 12 x 60, astrozap truss and Baader laser collimator Mark II.
William Megrez 80II APO Aperture: 80mm with 2" sleeve 0.8x flattener
William Optics FLT 132 Triplet-APO Aperture: 132mm with focal reducer F/6.3 and 2" sleeve flattener
Solar Max II 60 Hα Aperture: 60mm
Focal length: 400mm
Focal ratio: f6.6
for solar observation/photography


Model Type Features Image
10micron GM2000HPS Equatorial Sub arc-second tracking accuracy 10micron EQ Mount


Model Optics Features
Coronado Bino Mite 10 x 25 white light for solar observation.
Fujinon FMT-SX 10 x 50 with Baader Maxbright Bino Adapter 1.5" 20-15-9mm = excellent piece


  • Baader Maxbright Bino Viewer with 9, 15, 20mm Eyepieces
  • Meade 4000 Series
  • Meade UWA 2" 24mm, 30mm, 40mm, 56mm - FOV 84°
  • Meade SWA 2" 28mm, FOV 67°
  • Meade SWA 2" 26mm
  • Meade UWA 1.25" 4.7mm, 6.7mm, 8.8mm, FOV 84´┐ŻEdeg;
  • Meade SWA 1.25" 16mm, FOV 67´┐ŻEdeg;
  • Meade UWA 1,25" 18mm
  • Plossl 5 El. 1.25" 5.5mm, 9mm
  • Super Plossl 1.25" 25mm, 26mm
  • Celestron Plossl 1.25" 4mm, 9mm, 15mm
  • BW Optik 30mm 2"

Astro Imagers


  • Canon EOS 60Da
  • Moon and Planetary Camera DBK 21
  • Meade LPI USB Camera
  • Meade MySky™ PLUS Sky Navigator
  • NEW: QSI 660 WSG8 with filters narrowband
  • Guiding camera Lodestar Starlight Xpress 2


  • Oxygen III
  • 1A Skylight
  • Neutral ND 0,6 0,9 2,0 3,0
  • 2" Baader Fringe killer ND0,6 2,0 13 astro professional


  • Meade Telextender Barlow 2x, 2" & 1.25"
  • Focal Reducer f/6.3 for SCTs
  • Flip Mirror System 1.25" & 2"
  • T-rings
  • Baader Fringe Killer
  • Collimation Eyepiece
  • Olympus OM
  • Pentax S+K
  • Baader Herschelkeil Solar
  • Meade Ploessl 9mm illuminated recticle eyepiece 1.25"
  • Off-axis guider
  • T-YA
  • NEW: Autoguider LACERTA M-GEN Stand-alone, superguider version (from April 2014)

Software CD-ROMs

  • Redshift 5
  • Guide 8.0
  • The Sky (Celestron Companion CD)
  • Meade Autostar Suite
  • Orion Starry
  • Orion Sky Theater


  • 220VAC mains
  • 110VAC converter
  • EU normed sockets

Meade RCX400, 14"

Meade LX200R, 16"
Meade LX850, 350mm
Meade LX850, 14"
Meade Dobson Lightbridge, 406mm
Meade Dobson Lightbridge, 406mm
William FLT 132 with Meade LX200
William FLT 132 with LX200
(Click to enlarge)

William FLT 132
William FLT 132 Triplet APO, 132mm
Takahashi FSQ106ED
Takahashi FSQ106ED, 106mm
William Megrez 80 on an Atlas EQ G Mount
William Megrez 80 on an
Atlas EQ G Mount
(Click to enlarge)

William Megrez 80 II APO

Coronado P.S.T. SolarMax

Meade DSI Pro USB Camera

Meade MySky™ PLUS Sky Navigator