Longitude: W05°36'28"
Latitude: N30°14'10"
Altitude: 680m

Telescope remote hosting

Remote Telescope Hosting

Astronomers on SaharaSky: Joggy, Fritz and Patrick (left to right)

Astronomers on SaharaSky:
Joggy, Fritz and Patrick
(left to right)

Patrick Innocent, astronomer on SaharaSky

Patrick Innocent
Astronomer on SaharaSky



New in 2018 !

Telescope hosting at SaharaSky - Morocco

Alu-ROR (roll-on-roofs) for robotic telescope systems

SaharaSky now offers 'remote hosting'

Since 2004  SaharaSky represents the first and so far only private 'on-site' observatory in Morocco. Our first GPS telescope was a 200mm GPS telescope Meade LX200.

Today we have 2 GM2000 HPS und QCI mounts with 400mm und 350mm Meade ACF und Starlock OTAs. And for photographers: Takahashi FSQ ED 106mm and William FLT sowie EDs. Plus a Dobson Lightbridge16 + Coronado 60 Hα for observation.

Today we offer a new feature: Affordable remote hosting of your personal telescope combined with professional service.


SaharaSky proposes you to install your own telescope in one of our ROR sheds in South-
    Morocco on the fringe of the Sahara Desert.        

SaharaSky Observatory

We are the first private observatory - hotel combination in North Africa, especially suited for amateur astronomers, offering a comfortable opportunity under the black Saharan Sky to pursue Astrophotography or Observation.

You install your telescope at SaharaSky with our assistance - fitted with camera and the  'remote imaging' programs - and we take care of the rest!

We offer  on-site service, energy, Internet-connection, weather station and an All Sky Camera.

Our 24/7 technical assistance:  "Patte" Patrick Innocent (belg.) a professionel Astronomer is in charge of the observatory.

He is with SaharaSky since early 2014.

Dark Sky Location

GPS Position N30,237° latitude und W -5,608° longitude. SaharaSky is located 120miles after  Ouarzazate (pop.50.000) and 15miles after

Zagora (pop. 30.000) Next village is Tamegroute (pop. 3.000) = 7km from SaharaSky and  served by the national road RN9.

  • 700metrs above sea-level - Climatic region IV,2
  • Avge. temperatures: 5 bis 15°C in winter and 30 bis 45°C iin summer.
  • Average rainfall: 2 to 3 days per month.
  • Transparency:  20 - 22.


The clean and dry air is conditioned by the proximity of the Saharan Desert. You may count on approx. 300 clear nights during the year..

Annual Contract

  • Telescope Hosting 2400€ / 12 months incl. prof. Service.
  • Plus 2400€ for hi-speed SatStar Internet connection with max. 25GO and all-night free data transfer.
  • Total cost: 400€ per month.



Like in the USA we recommend teambuilding: Look for a partner in order to share telescope and the costs.

SaharaSky offers to support you in a teambuilding effort.